Our Council is once again running a tractor raffle fund raiser.  The Riding Lawn Mower is a beautiful John Deere model E 100 17.5-HP Automatic drive, w/ 42-inch cutting deck and John Deere Engine.   This tractor also comes with a Handy Utility Cart that will make any yard work a breeze.  We will be selling raffle tickets every Saturday morning beginning April 21st through September 1st in our parking lot.  I urge you to purchase some tickets for yourself and to sign up to help sell these tickets and do so as soon as possible.  A sign-up sheet is located in the Council bar.  If you don’t think you need a tractor/mower for yourself or already have one, just think how happy you could make someone in your family by presenting them with this beautiful tractor as a gift.  Tickets are $5.00 each or five tickets for $20.00.

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