Council History

     The time is 1957.  The place is Kingston, New York.  The members of

Council 275 had formed a First Degree Team.  It so happened that Joe Saccoman

was the District Deputy and the team members were primarily from the

Saugerties area.  The team consisted of George Topple, Warden; Grand Knight,

Bob Campbell; Deputy Grand Knight, Al Conte and Chancellor, Ken Blundell. 

The team was doing a good job and Joe Saccoman and Bob Campbell were

discussing the possibility of starting a new council in Saugerties. They

decided to disuss it further with their friends in Saugerties.  Bob thought

Father Daley of St. John's Parish in Veteran would be supportive as they

would need the support of the clergy.  If they could get enough men

interested they might have a chance of getting a Charter for a new council. 

So the ball got rolling.  Bob, Al, Ken, and George were instrumental in

contacting their friends in Saugerties and had several meetings with Joe

Saccoman.  They finally had enough men interested and decided to go ahead

with the formation of a new council.

     The first organizational meetings were held at Jake Welsh's house on

Hill Street, Saugerties.  Jake was a local plumber, had an office in

Saugerties, and his secretary was very helpful in getting a lot of the paper

work done.  He agreed to take on the duties of Financial Secretary.  Vince

Amrod was a local Accountant and his family ran Amrod's Department Store on

Partition Street, Saugerties.  Vince agreed to take on the duties of

Treasurer.  All was working out well and Father Daley was in agreement that

they could hold their monthly meetings in his church building on Route 212,

Veteran, New York.

     Council 4536 received its Charter on January 8, 1958, and the meetings

were held in the St. John's church building in Veteran on the first and third

Wednesdays of each month.  The meetings were well run by the Grand Knight,

Bob Campbell.  Father Daley attended each meeting and gave the Council

members his spiritual support.  The other officers followed by assuming their

positions.  Al Conte became the Deputy Grand Knight, Ken Blundell Chancellor

and George Topple Warden.



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